Training, internship, employment, studies: all our advice for going abroad

You want to study abroad, work or do an internship in another country. It is advisable to research all the information about the country in question. The experience you are looking for, whether it is university studies, an internship or a job, will thus be acquired under optimal conditions.

Getting a first experience abroad

Nowadays, more and more students are tempted by an experience abroad to study or work and to immerse themselves in another culture and lifestyle. Several options are available to those who wish to study abroad. For the experience to be successful, it is important to be well informed about the possibilities of pursuing training abroad. Don't forget to think about returning to your home country, as not all schools allow you to integrate a course of study after a one-year stay abroad. It is necessary to opt for an adequate study strategy to prepare before and after the studies you want to pursue.

Plan the necessary budget

In addition to being well informed about all travel and accommodation formalities, it is also important to be aware of the fact that there is a cost involved in following an internship or studying abroad. You can try to finance it with a scholarship or housing aid application in the country you have chosen. Each country and each university system has its own specificities, and it is necessary to be well informed to avoid disenchantment. The cost of studying abroad is not the same everywhere on the same continent, especially in terms of university tuition fees. For example, in Europe, universities in the United Kingdom are very expensive. On the contrary, in Germany, university tuition fees are more affordable.

Working abroad

Many young people choose to study abroad to enhance their future CV and boost their professional career. Some young people prefer to look for a job abroad immediately after passing the baccalaureate, and before starting a course of study in a higher education institution. An internship in a foreign company or a summer job can also be a good way to live and benefit from an experience abroad when you don't have enough money to cover the related costs. Experience is just as rewarding and can be a strong argument when writing a CV.
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