National police: all job families are strengthened

The National Police guarantee peace and security within a city, a region and the nation as a whole. In order to carry out these missions, this institution regularly recruits to strengthen the families of related professions. How to identify the position corresponding to its expectations?

Security and law enforcement

The National Police is in charge of security. First of all, it is concerned with the control and management of external threats. It also deals with the management of migratory flows and the rigorous control of entry and exit on the country's territories. The National Police is also responsible for maintaining public order and hunting down bandits and all those who do not respect the law. Recruitment for the National Police may then involve the search for police officers for anti-crime, peacekeepers, anti-terrorists, police for crime prevention, etc. The police also recruits personnel for administrative and communication duties. On the other hand, the posts of investigators, inspectors, commissioners and others generally relate to professional promotions.

Technical and specific posts

Different services and trades are combined to enable the National Police to fulfil its roles of maintaining law and order and guaranteeing security. Within the framework of national police recruitment, there are posts that are somewhat specific, but which contribute to a better harmonization of the missions and tasks to be carried out on a daily basis. These posts include, for example, the Family and Minors' Brigade, the Cadet of the Republic for the protection of persons and their property, the Anti-Gang Brigade to fight criminals, etc. Specific posts also include the border police, the Mounted Police, police musicians, profilers and forensic scientists, the police information systems engineer, etc.

Diplomas and skills

Qualifications differ from post to post when it comes to national police recruitment. For example, the position of Information Systems Manager requires a degree in computer engineering. The anti-gang service requires tall, robust and expert in martial arts. The profiler and forensic scientist must have skills in a scientific field, including genetics, biology, etc. In any case, all those who wish to work in the police must have a minimum of legal training, particularly in criminal law, constitutional law or private law.
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