Focus on a trendy job: Webmarketer

The Webmarketer is one of the professions coming from the field of e-commerce. Many IT enthusiasts are interested in it and make this job their source of income. But, what are the criteria to become a Web marketer?

What is a Webmarketer?

The Webmakeer or e-marketer is a very recent profession. It consists in structuring an Internet communication strategy adapted to the demands of a company. As its name suggests, the work is generally done on the Internet.  Since it is an e-commerce, the main objective is to make more sales. The web marketer must therefore find effective strategies and methods to attract more visitors to the site. In addition to implementing the strategies, the e-marketer constantly monitors the visibility of the site.  For your information, be aware that the visibility of a site is due to quality referencing. The webmaster should therefore be skillful in this area.

The missions of a Webmarketer

The missions of the e-marketer are concentrated on the commercial and competitive level. As far as the first assignment is concerned, the e-marketer has to create a link between the customers and the company. In order to do so, it is above all imperative to know the key elements of the company, the important points of its products as well as the customers' needs. In addition, the Web marketer ensures the development of the commercial performance of his site. Thus, he must be able to propose sales strategies that could increase the company's performance. He or she is also responsible for designing a technique for building buyer loyalty by, for example, making promotional offers or adopting web marketing action plans. Through these responsibilities, the sole objective of a Webmakeer is to achieve maximum sales and profit for his website. Moreover, the e-marketer should be able to analyze market trends but above all to carry out competitive intelligence. These methods are used to better find long-term strategies.

The profile required for this job

To work as a Webmarketer, it is important to follow a training in multimedia or internet marketing in a business school. Being a graduate in this field is a great asset. In addition, this job requires a mastery of sales analysis techniques. This is why training in the field of marketing is necessary. Moreover, a Webmarketer must be a person attracted by new technologies. In addition to this, the ability in the design of websites and knowledge of operational and digital marketing tools are also very important. On the behavioural side, an e-marketer must have a sense of initiative and an ability to make a strategic decision.
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