What training is required to become a human resources manager?

A human resources manager has many responsibilities within a company. His or her tasks are focused on personnel management and recruitment policy. An HR manager must be able to establish a link between employees and management, and take into account everyone's requests to ensure good coordination of work. To become an HR manager, it is possible to follow specialized training in a human resources school.

What are the missions of the human resources manager?

The human resources manager has many daily tasks within a company. He or she is responsible for managing and coordinating, above all, but also for taking important decisions in all matters relating to human resources. His tasks may vary, but his job consists mainly of taking care of the staff. Basically, he will therefore manage the administrative teams for drawing up pay slips, leave, sick leave and declarations for all employees. He is responsible for recruiting staff and can organize training, if necessary, in order, among other things, to strengthen everyone's skills. An HR manager must be close to all employees and ensure that everyone works and develops in a good working environment. To make sure that the work is done well, he or she will have to make regular evaluations and report to management on what is going well or not going well within the company. A human resources manager can be a man in the field, but he can also work behind his computer. The good administrative management of the company often rests on him, and that is why he will have to listen to and understand the employees' demands and bring them up. If these missions seem to be for you, you can follow an HR training course to become a human resources manager.

What profile should the human resources manager have?

A human resources manager must, above all, be able to be both very discreet and attentive to all employees. However, despite the fact that he or she must be able to listen to everyone's demands, he or she must not forget that he or she manages a team and, as a result, must have authority and not let himself or herself be stepped on. Moreover, having human resources management skills also means having knowledge of social law and negotiation. But knowledge of both accounting and communication is equally important. It is thanks to his skills that he will be able to better manage and reach out to all areas of the company. An HR manager must also have good analytical skills, be well organized and have good interpersonal skills. In short, it should be noted that having a master's degree in human resources is not enough. You also need personal qualities to be gifted in this job.

What training do I need to become an HR manager?

First of all, you should know that the human resources professions are divided into two (02) major families of professions. First there are the more technical professions. These are those that are particularly related to management and recruitment of personnel. Then, there are the professions that lead to human resources management policy. Numerous training courses are offered for both (02) families, to mention only the BTS, DUT, Bachelors, professional licenses as well as masters in human resources. However, in order to become an HR manager, and given that it is a profession that requires expertise above all, it is necessary to have a diploma at the level of Bac+5 of the Master type. You can follow a course of study and obtain a specialized HR master's degree in the field after studying law, sociology, psychology, economics, IEP or business. You won't be spoilt for choice. Indeed, many masters are related to the field of human resources. The HR training that leads to a specialized Master's degree will last between 1 or 2 years and you can follow it in many schools in the country or abroad. To find out more, please visit the websites of management schools, business schools or other specialised schools.
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