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The school and university orientation phase often conditions the professional future of the high school or university student. It must be given the utmost importance.

An individual’s professional career is often conditioned by a wise choice during school and career guidance. At this point, the student must have an idea about the nature of the field in which he or she will work in the future. The choice depends not only on the student’s academic results, in this case those of the baccalaureate, but also on the student’s inclination for this or that sector of activity. You can visit We Study In Australia for further more details.

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The recent high school pass out has to deal with many concerns relating to several aspects. First of all, there is the question of the future university curriculum to be followed. The orientation phase has begun even before the baccalaureate examination. Depending on the result obtained, and many other factors that Student Street took the time to explain, the baccalaureate holder will be able to claim a place in a higher education establishment and a course of study that he or she wishes, whether locally or abroad. Another major concern of the student is to find accommodation. While some can be housed in public hostels, others are forced to turn to private institutions or to share accommodation. In addition, taking up internships is crucial to gaining experience and discovering the specifics of the working world.

Occupations that recruit the most

To give yourself the best chance of getting a job, it is best to target the professions that recruit the most. It is obvious that there are professions and sectors of activity with high employability potential. On the other hand, others are less employable, making them less likely to be unemployed for a long period of time. Among the sectors that provide the most jobs is the construction sector. It is not experiencing the crisis and it needs a plethora of profiles whether it be skilled labour, technicians, engineers…another area where the labour market is characterised by a dynamic recruitment process, IT and new information and communication technologies. As an example, the web professions require a large number of specialized people such as developers, computer graphic designers, web administrators…we must not forget to mention the catering professions which offer many positions. Finally, the profession of professional coach is more and more popular (school coach, sports coach…). may help you find interesting information about this subject.